2023-24 K-5 Curriculum

The 2023-24 school year includes changes to science programming and curriculum in order to meet the needs of the district. Units that will be facilitated support the Science and Engineering Standards and Eight Practices of Science and Engineering.  We continue to work on making the science & engineering curriculum more equitable and accessible to all.

Needham Science K-5 Standards and Curriculum Map

 Kindergarten      Kindergarten's integrated curriculum is based on Focus K-2.
  Communities and properties of matter (earth science)
  Animals and their needs (life science) Video: Ms.Methot's class
  Construction(physical science)
  Our Earth (physical science)
  Grade 1  
  Weather & Seasons (physical science/earth science)
  Sky Patterns 
  Life Cycles (life science)  Slide show: Ms.Teng's plant models
  Sound & Light
  Grade 2  
  Properties & Magnets(physical science/engineering)
             Videos: class explorations at Mitchell
  Trees  Ms Garsh's "Tree Chatterpix"
             Ms. Katan's class play
 Water Habitats (earth science, life science)
  Grade 3  
  Survivor! fossils, isopods, and adaptation (life science)
  Energy & Electricity(physical science)
  Changes in Earth's Surface* (earth science) 
  Grade 4   
  Insects (life science)
  Sight, light, and the stars (physical science/earth science)
  Forces and Energy (physical science)
  Grade 5  
  Weather & Water (earth science/engineering)
 Changes in Matter(physical science)
 Ecosystems Restoration (life science)

 No new units will be introduced this year.

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