Bus Conduct Rules

Notice to Students and Parents:

We are pleased to offer school bus privileges for the school year. Please be aware that the school bus is an extension of the school itself, and rules regarding behavior are the same as in the school. School bus safety is a primary concern of the Needham Public Schools and we reserve the right to take whatever action is necessary to maintain a high level of safety.

The right of a pupil to school bus transportation is a qualified right, dependent on good behavior. In case where a pupil seriously or continuously misbehaves, parents will be notified by the principal or designee of the school to which the pupil is assigned. The bus pass will be revoked if, in the opinion of the principal, such action is necessary for the general safety and well being of other students.

In cases where a pupil’s conduct jeopardizes the safety and well being of other students, based upon the assessment of the driver, that pupil may immediately be excluded from the bus.

Pupils who ride a school bus are expected to be familiar with the following:

1. Pupils shall stand on the sidewalk or another designated place while waiting for the school bus. They shall respect other people’s property, respect the right of other people to pass on the sidewalk, and display manners that indicate consideration and safety for others.

2. Pupils shall never approach a school bus until it has completely stopped and the door is opened. In boarding the bus, they should proceed in an orderly manner, single file. Younger students should board and alight first from the bus.

3. Pupils shall not open windows without permission. Do not throw anything out of the window. Do not put your hands, arms, or any parts of your body out of the window at anytime. Do not open the rear exit emergency door unless there is an emergency or you are directed by the driver.

4. In crossing the roadway after alighting from the bus, cross only in front of the bus when the blinking lights are on and the stop sign is extended. Pass at least 10 feet in front of the bus and look for traffic in both directions before crossing the roadway. Never run beside a bus, chase after a bus, or pick up anything that has fallen near the wheels of a bus.

5. The bus driver has full authority as well as responsibility for control of the conduct of pupils while they are on the bus. Pupils should not annoy the operator or distract his/her attention from driving. They should be treated with courtesy and respect at all times.

6. There shall be no pushing, striking, or general fooling. Pupils are not allowed to use profane or abusive language. Pupils who witness the destruction of property have a responsibility to report such misbehavior to the driver or school authorities.

7. All eligible and fee-based students will be issued a bus pass which they must show to the driver each day upon entering the bus. The pass entitles students a school bus ride to and from school. In the event a student loses a bus pass, a duplicate pass may be obtained from the Transportation Office for $5.00.

8. A student who allows another student to use his/her bus pass or sells his/her pass is subject to having the bus pass privileges revoked.

9. Do not bring large art projects or instruments (e.g., cello), animals, pets, or large objects on the school bus. Under no circumstances should firearms, explosives, or weapons be brought onto a school bus. Lunch boxes, smaller musical instruments, and small athletic equipment (those which can easily be transported on a student’s lap or under the seat) must be kept out of the aisle.

10. Vandalism, destruction, or defacing of property will not be tolerated.

11. There is no smoking, eating, or drinking on school bus. The bus must be kept neat without litter.

12. Students in possession of illegal contraband, including alcohol, drugs, or weapons are subject to suspension and/or expulsion from school.

13. A pupil who pays a fee for transportation and whose riding privileges are suspended because of violation of these rules will not receive a fee refund.

For more information on student and parent responsibilities, please visit the Policies, Procedures, and Additional Information page on our website.

Daniel Gutekanst
Superintendent of Schools
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