Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Eligible for School Bus Transportation in Needham?
All Needham students in grades K-6 who reside beyond 2 miles from their assigned school.

What is the Fee-Based Busing Program?
Fee-based busing applies to:
all students in grades K-6 who reside within 2 miles of their assigned school
all students in grades 7-12 regardless of distance

How Do I Apply For Fee-Based Busing?
During the month of April, all students, whether eligible or not, will receive a registration application. If you wish to purchase school bus transportation, you must complete the application and return it with your payment by May 15th. Seats will be assigned as availability permits.

Does My Child Need to Carry a Bus Pass?
All bus students are required to carry their bus pass on a daily basis beginning with the first day of school. Not doing so could result in exclusion from the bus. Parents of younger students may want to consider enclosing the pass in a luggage tag and attaching the tag to your child’s backpack. This will keep the pass handy and allow the student to display it without delay. At the end of August bus passes will be mailed directly to all students who are either eligible or enrolled in the fee-based program and have paid their balance.

How Do I Find Out When and Where The Bus Stops?
Bus routes will be published in the local newspaper one week prior to school opening. The transportation program buses students to and from established neighborhood bus stops. Due to time and fairness, it is not possible to make additional stops, even if the bus is passing your residence. If you feel there is an extraordinary safety circumstance that would justify a reevaluation of the bus stop location, please put your concern in writing. We will address your issues after October 1 st.

At the beginning of the school year, the bus routes are sometimes delayed. Please plan to have your child arrive at the bus stop 10-15 minutes early. Be patient, the bus will arrive. Within a few days the bus routes will settle into a routine and you will be able to correctly anticipate the schedule.

My Child is Going to Study With Her Friend After School. Can She Ride Home on Her Friend's Bus?
No, students may only ride their assigned buses. Transporting students to social events, study groups, scouts, or religious classes aboard a school bus that the student is not assigned is not permitted. If there is a family emergency or medical situation, parents should notify the transportation department and we will make necessary arrangements.

My Child Lost The Bus Pass. How Can we Get Another One?
You may obtain a replacement bus pass for $5.00 at the Transportation Office in the Administration Building.

The School Sent Me a Letter Informing Me That My Child Was Standing on the Bus. Can a Student's Conduct Result in Suspension From The School Bus?
Students are expected to behave in a manner which will provide for optimum safety of the individual student as well as the safety of other students aboard the bus. When a student is reported for violating a safety rule in or around a school bus, school officials will review the situation with the student. Parents will be notified of the behavior. Depending on the severity of the offense or the frequency of violations, the student can receive a warning, brief suspension, or suspension from the bus for the balance of the school year. If a student is participating in the fee-based program and is suspended from the bus, the fee will not be refunded. Along with your application you will receive a copy of the conduct rules. This document will outline expected student behavior. Please review the conduct rules with your child and return it signed with your application.

If I Feel There Is a Problem With Student Behavior or The Operation of The School Bus, To Whom Should I Report This?
The Transportation Office welcomes all inquiries and concerns. Feel free to contact us and we will address your issues.
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