Learning Opportunities FAQs

What will learning opportunities look like for my child?

Educators at each level (Prek-5, 6-8, 9-12) have developed their remote learning plans using approaches and methods their students already know and have previously experienced Below is an overview of what is planned for each level.

In PreK-5, classroom teachers will prepare daily messages for their students. Specialist teachers (e.g. art, library, music, fitness and health, Spanish) will offer learning suggestions in conjunction with classroom teachers or provide suggestions through direct connections with their students or on the curated PreK-5 strategies and suggestions document.

These resources and suggested learning activities serve as points of engagement across all disciplines (e.g. Reading, Math, Science, Writing, Art) specialist areas (art, music, PE, Media, Technology and Spanish), and advice for families with respect to related support services (SpEd, ELL, Reading, Math)

At High Rock, teachers have collaborated to provide learning opportunities for grade 6 students in one document titled High Rock School Resources. In this document you will find a variety of resources organized by general topic areas. Please feel free to bookmark and check back in with this document as you navigate your time at home with students. Most importantly, beginning on March 23, advisors will be reaching out to students in their advisory. Luckily, High Rock students are well acquainted with technology, their iPads, and platforms such as Google Classroom, Docs, MyHomework, and other forms of digital communication. Since the iPads’ settings do not permit “notifications” it is recommended that students also check their Gmail and other platforms regularly to connect with their advisor.

At Pollard teachers will share suggested learning activities via My Homework, Google Classroom, or Schoology. While these activities will not be formally evaluated, if questions arise, students can email their teachers. As is the case across the district, all remote learning activities are recommended and supplemental. Students will not be expected to have mastered new content or skills. In addition, students should expect to receive communication from their advisory teacher at least 2-3 times per week. Should children not engage or reply to the advisor’s outreach, we will try to connect in another manner. The goal at both High Rock and Pollard with advisory communications is to ensure students can feel less isolated and continue to be part of a community during this time.

At Needham High School, teachers will share suggested learning activities via Google Classroom, or Schoology and will remain as engaged as possible with students and families in an effort to help maintain learning for students and a connection to classmates and teachers. Teachers and administrators have been working together to prepare resources and enrichment activities, much of which is aligned to the curriculum and instruction students were experiencing prior to school closing. All of the learning opportunities are recommended but not required. Although the work will not be graded, teachers will create opportunities to provide students with feedback to support their learning progress.

How will students and teachers stay connected while schools are closed?

Teachers will be regularly engaging with parents (PreK-5) and with students (6-12) through emails, Google Classroom and/or Schoology. Students can expect daily or weekly messages from their teachers depending upon the grade level and/or course. Your child(ren) will hear from their teacher(s) beginning Monday, March 23rd. Additionally, students and families will be hearing from their principals with school-based updates and guidance.

What if a student needs help with learning activities?

There may be instances when a student needs support with their learning or a particular activity. When questions or concerns arise, students (or parents/guardians) should email their teachers. Teachers will do their best to return all student emails during the regularly scheduled school day. Additionally, special education liaisons and ELL teachers are also available for support and assistance.

How long should students be working on learning activities each day?

The learning activities are encouraged, suggested, and optional. Parents/Guardians should work with their child(ren) to set reasonable expectations for when and how learning can happen. Setting a daily schedule will build in routines and keep the learning manageable.

Will students have graded assignments and tests as part of learning?

No. All of the learning activities are suggestions, recommendations, and optional. The goal is for students to maintain continuity with their learning in meaningful and manageable ways during the school closure period.

How will ELL students and students with a disability be supported with learning activities?

Our ELL and special education teachers have collaborated with classroom teachers across all levels to provide appropriate differentiation of shared activities based on student needs. Our special education teachers, related service providers, counselors, and ELL teachers will be reaching out directly to families to provide support for students to access activities including accommodations and modifications and to remain engaged in learning. Guidance for supporting all ELL and students with disabilities (PreK-12) can be found on the district's Learning Opportunities During School Closure webpage and will be included in communications from schools.

What happens if a student is ill and cannot check in with their teacher(s) daily?

Our top priority is for students and families to stay healthy. If a student is sick they should focus all of their energy on getting better. When the student is feeling better, they can reach out to their teacher(s) to determine how they might best access remote learning resources.

How can students’ social and emotional health be supported during this time period?

Concern over COVID-19 and our district closure can make children and families anxious. Guidance counselors are available and will be reaching out to students and families throughout the time school is not in session. Information also can be found in resources being sent out from the preschool, elementary, middle, and high school levels. Community resources for families can be found on our website under Updates/Information During School Closure.

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